Monday, February 16, 2015

Emmy's Best Premium Pet Breath Foam for Dogs & Cats

I can not stand Dog breath! it really GROSSES me out but I love my dogs. I have tried a few things before to keep their breath smelling good. I tried the Greenie type of treats that promised fresh breath but ya that came with a catch you basically had to FORCE your dog to chew on them. Oh and then there was the bacon flavored toothpaste! No forcing there AT ALL they loved it but not only did it not get the dog breath away. You know how to deal with BACON FLAVORED DOG BREATH! Seriously Sick!

This is so easy to use. All You do is put a few pumps of this in your dogs mouth a day and that's it! None of my dogs seemed to mind the taste at all! Even days after when they knew what the bottle meant there was no hiding and running into the closet to try to get away.I was impressed that not only does this get away stinky dog breath but it does some other very important things for your dog. Things like:
• Lessen your dogs susceptibility for infections
• Detoxification and drainage of metabolites from the whole organism
• Strengthening and stimulation of the immune system
• Constipation
• Supports with chronic respiratory problems
• Joint problems, good for the building up of cartilage and to ease pains and inflammations, brings more vitality and well-being
• Increases mental and physical fitness
• Problems in the area of the urinary tract 



Let's talk price with all the pros to Emmy's Best Premium Pet Breath Foam the price is very affordable and I have paid way more for stuff that my Dogs wouldn't touch and just went to waste. I personally would like to see bigger bottles made for people like myself with a house full of dogs but that's really the only complaint that I had about the product.

I received this product at a discounted price in order to provide and honest and unbiased review. The discounted price does in no way effect my thoughts and opinions on the product. I only write things based 100% on my own experiences with the product.

If you would like to give this product  a try for yourself all you have to do is click here to place an order.

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