Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Natural Diatomaceous Earth Powder

   I really DESPISE fleas. I mean what in the heck is more annoying then those little blood suckers!  When I seen a couple of them bouncing around my house. I was ready to call It's Me Or The Cat! 

My husband brought home a couple cats for the kids. They are not my friends and I am not at all a cat fan. Why? Because they carry fleas. I have been looking for something that would not be toxic to my kids or my dogs (who by the way do NOT have fleas).

 I have gone to a few stores in my area and couldn't find anything except a few items and they were EXPENSIVE. Oh my goodness I just could not believe how pricey non toxic flea treatment was. When I received an opportunity to review Natural Diatomaceous Earth Powder at a discounted price  I was really excited about it. 

I had VERY VERY high hopes for this powder. Let me tell you! It did not disappoint. I was able to just put this any where in my house (I put along walls, in closets,ect ) and I didn't have to worry about my pets licking it up or my kids getting into it and it seriously hurting or even killing them. I noticed with in a few days there was no more fleas at all!

 I actually gave a little to my mother in law to use at her house because she was having some issues with some insects but different insects. She did the same thing I did and just put some around the house and within a couple days she noticed there was no more insects coming around. My mother in law actually decided to buy her own bottle after seeing how well it worked.       

If you would like to try  Natural Diatomaceous Earth Powder  to see how well it works all you have to do is click here to order your own.

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