Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bri Nutrition 12,600mg CranGel Power Plus: High Potency, Maximum Strength Cranberry SoftGel Capsules

I received this item very quickly after placing my order with the company. I really am not a fan of supplements but I can not drink a whole cup of cranberry juice without my belly hurting so I do take Cranberry Capsules and have been taking them for a while. I have tried other Bri Nutrition Products but did not know that they sold Cranberry Capsules as well.

In the bottle you receive there are 90 capsules and you only take one capsule per serving so this bottle will last a while. The pills are small, easy to swallow and tasteless. I experienced no negative side effects at all while taking them. 

Cranberries are full of fiber, have a ton of vitamins, and great for preventing UTI's. I have tried a few other BRI Nutrition Supplements in the past and have been very pleased. Everything I have received from this company is great quality and would highly recommend.

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