Thursday, April 23, 2015

Women Men's Massage Foam Non-slip Bathroom Household Beach Slippers Sandal

I received shipping confirnation fairly quickly after placing my order and with in 48 hours they arrived! I have actually owned uite a few Shower Slippers in my life but have had really bad luck finding a pair that didnt HURT! These totally shocked me when I tried them on. I have pretty sensitive feet and I had no issues at all with these hurting my feet. 

The fit was actually perfect for me but I do have pretty small feet so its hard to find a pair that fit right. These shower slippers are also really well made! I was very impressed with the quality of them and their durability.To test the comfort level on these I did wear them around the house as well and not just in the shower! I had them on for about 2.5 hours and no issues! So with that being said I will be giving these 5 Stars today. If your interested in purchasing these or just want more information just head on over to Amazon by clicking HERE.

** This product was received for review and inspection purposes. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All of my reviews are based 100% off of my experience with the product and I never guarantee a positive review.

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