Monday, April 27, 2015

Healthy Vibes G-bulb 8'' Pink G-spot Vibrator

I am not sure why shipping and delivery took so long with this order because usually my orders from Healthy Vibes are delivered with in two days of placing an order. This order took almost two weeks to be delivered. When it was delivered there wasn't anything even explaining what toy it was on the packaging or what batteries to put in. Just this toy and the plastic packaging.

Being honest I was really shocked that this product came from Healthy Vibes since I have placed orders with the company several times and never had an issue and have been sent consistently good quality products. For the price I am still giving them a 4 because a little over ten dollars for ANY sex toy is a good deal but the quality was not that great. There is also a line down the middle which makes cleaning a little harder than it should be. 

To use this product unscrew the bottom, insert your batteries, and twist to turn on. There is quite a bit of power and it is enjoyable and also makes it easy to hit your G Spot. So if you typically have a hard time finding where your G Spot is located this will give you a little edge. Now even though I am not really that satisfied with this toy I will still come back to Healthy Vibes because of my past experiences and the great products that I have purchased from them. 

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