Tuesday, April 14, 2015


** This product was received at no cost for review and inspection purposes **

 I ordered this product and with in two days it arrived to my house delivered by UPS with some other review items.  This Squeegee is made out of plastic but it is a really hard durable plastic and so I had no worries that it would snap at all while I was using. Not only did this prevent me from having to use a whole roll of paper towels to wash windows in my house but it took less than half the time it typically takes.

This was so simple to use all I did was spray some Windex on the Window and squeegee over it! No streaks at all when I was done. I absolutely LOVED this and would recommend to friends and family.

 I am basing my 5 Star review off of price, durability, functionality, and shipping and delivery.  If you would like more information or just want to pick one of your own up all you need to do is click HERE.

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