Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Obol - The Original Never Soggy Cereal Bowl RED

** This product was received at little or no cost for review and inspection purposes

I received shipping confirmation fairly quickly after placing my order. This arrived two days later via UPS with another Never Soggy Cereal Bowl from Obol I will be reviewing as well. I personally can not stand anything soggy! Donuts and coffee, crackers and soup, ANYTHING! So when I seen this bowl I was so stoked about trying it. 

I have a little mini me and she is the same exact way as I am if cereal gets soggy she wont touch it. This has turned into her FAVORITE bowl! She uses it every morning! What she does is a little different than just scooping it all in at once! She takes a spoon full of the dry cereal and dunks it when she is ready and keeps going until her bowl is empty.

This bowl is heavy duty and yes it is microwaveable which surprised me. Absolutely one of the coolest inventions and coolest review products that I have had the pleasure of trying. I would definitely recommend and if I ever needed to purchase another bowl for any reason I would NOT hesitate coming back to Obol. If you would like more information or interested in purchasing click HERE.

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