Monday, April 13, 2015

Ekouaer Womens Wireless Double Straps Yoga Sports Bra with Removable Pads

********** This product was received at no cost for review and inspection purposes

I received this sent directly from the seller! The seller did tell me that it was going to take a while so I wasn't expecting it right away. It arrived alonf with some other items I will aso be reviewing fot the company. I have really never been one to wear sports bras even while working out because I have not been able to find one that offers the support that I like so I wasn't too sure what I was going to think about this Yoga Sports Bra.

After taking it out of the package and feeling the cloth I was impressed that the material was strong and thick. A lot of the Sports Bras I have tried in the past were really thin and I didnt like the way they felt on my skin. This bra was the absolute PERFECT fit and it really did support my breasts while jogging and doing some yoga! I will be buying more from this company pretty soon that is how much I love this particular Sports Bra! Would highly recommend to ANYONE looking for a good work out bra. Need more information or just want to purchase one? Head on over to Amazon by clicking HERE.

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