Thursday, April 16, 2015

Diamond Etched 10 Oz Whiskey / Scotch Glasses

****** This item was received at little or no cost for review and inpsection purposes **

I received an email confirmation very quickly after placing my order and 2 days later these arrived via UPS! These were packed nicely with bubble wrap so they showed up safely.  I am a Top Reviewer and an Active Blogger so I do receive lots of chances to review items. my reviews are all HONEST and based off of my experiences with the products I receive! 

The quality of the glasses is fantastic! The glass is very thick and durable! I was a little iffy about the price of the product because it seems like for only two glasses that the price is a little stiff but compared to some other glasses I have tried off of Amazon for the same price these glasses are DEFINITELY worth it!

I absolutely love whiskey and these are probably the top 5 whiskey glasses that I have ever owned! Between the appearance of them. the heavy dutiness, shipping and delivery, and the comparison to other glasses I have tried I am rating these 5 stars!  Absolutely great product and would recommend If you would like to purchase this awesome set of Scotch/Whiskey glasses or just want more information all you need to do is click HERE.

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