Tuesday, April 14, 2015

★ Cleopatra Metallic Temporary Tattoos

**  This item was received at little or no cost for review and inspection purposes

I received shipping confirmation very quickly after ordering these Cleopatra Metallic Temporary Tattoos! These arrived with in two days and came shipped in an envelope delivered by The United States Postal Service. When they arrived my kids actually wanted to try them right away so of course I let them. 

Wow are these things COOL! They go on easily and stay on forever but the Metallic Shine they have is something most other temporary tattoos do not have. These would be great for dress up parties, teens, kids, and even adults! Not only are these super easy to apply and stay on forever but they look AWESOME! Very realistic.

 I will enclose some pics so that everyone can see just how they look when they have been applied. If you would like more information or care to order all you need to do is click HERE.