Thursday, April 16, 2015

Salsa Crazy Habanero Bloody Mary Mix

Oh Boy I have never ever been one for Pre Made Bloody Mary mixes because I just feel like I can do a whole lot better with fresh ingredients. When I was given an opportunity to review this product I was almost 1000 percent sure that I would ABSOLUTELY DETEST it! I could not have been MORE WRONG! This product is seriously delicious! 

You will be receiving a bottle that has 25 fl oz of ingredients so that will make a lot of drinks! This product is also  Gluten and Dairy Free so no need to worry if you suffer from those allergies. I absolutely LOVE the combination of all the different spices and the tangyness of this mix! I am all about my Bloody Mary's being HOTTTT I mean really HOTTTT! I thought the heat in this was pretty good. Definitely hot enough for the average person to think it was pretty darn SPICY!!! I did add just a little more Hot Sauce to my drinks! 

I also tried this in a Crab and Shrimp Seviche I made and it was AMAZING! I typically use something like a Clamato Base for my Seviche and this made the flavors POP. So yummy and I received a ton of compliments on it. Definitely will be buying this again! If you would like more information or to purchase your own bottle of Salsa Crazy Habanero Bloody Mary Mix you can head on over to by clicking HERE.

DISCLOSURE: As an active Blogger I received this product at no cost for review and inspection purposes. Regardless of price I base my opinions 100% off of my experience with a product!

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