Monday, April 6, 2015

Chefcoo™ Cutting Board Set Plus Kitchen Knives - Includes Cutlery Chef's, Utility, Paring Cooking Knives, Chopping Board Set

** Received for review and inspection purposes **

 WOW! I am so impressed with this cutting board plus Kitchen knives set! I really was not expecting this set to be such high quality! I absolutely LOVED the different color knives! The handles were really comfortable to grip and the knives were NOT AT ALL flimsy! They were sharp and easy to use! 

 The cutting board was exactly what I wanted! It was thick and heavy duty! I have actually used the cutting board three times in the last week so it has turned into my new favorite one! The price is AWESOME for the quality! I would definitely recommend and looking forward to doing business with Chefcoo in the future. Want more information on this awesome set or to purchase your own? All you need to do is head on over to Amazon by clicking HERE.

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