Friday, April 10, 2015

Epica Remote Dog Training Collar Shock and Vibration

****************** I received this product at little or no cost to inspect and review ********

 This produt was sent directly from the seller for me to inspect and review. I was pretty happy that it arrived quicker than what I was told. It came via UPS in a green box that had the words Dog Training Collar by Epica on it. Inside the box there was: Adjustable Collar Collar Receiver Receiver Testung Bulb Rechargeable PLug In Unit for the Collar Receiver Cord for the Recharger Plug-In Unit Remote Control 9V battery for Remote Control Instructions.

  So this collar actually did not fit any of my dogs (15 lbs and over) so I grabbed my neighbors dog to try it out. The collar clasped easily around their dogs neck and I had no issues hooking up the actual device. Since there is a remote control! Working the device is pretty self explanatory. So what I liked about this product is that there was actually more than just shock so if your dog is not out of control there is a vibration that you can use that basically just gives it a little nudge like nope not okay behavior and they stop what they are doing.

 The quality of this product was really nice compared to other ones I have tried in the past. I can only hope that they make one for dogs 5 lbs and under soon because my min pin could really use it. If you would like more information on this product or want to purchase one all you need to do is head on over to Amazon by clicking HERE.

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