Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Facial Brush Cleansing System

** Received for review and inspection purposes **

I received this product with in two days of ordering. The Facial Brush arrived via UPS with some other items I will be reviewing at a later date.. I have been wanting a cleansing system for FOREVER and was really excited to get to try this out but wasn't expecting too much since I had read some of the reviews before ordering.

 This device came with the 5 different heads as shown in the description. They were easy to put on and to take off.I first put in some batteries that I had used in one of my kids toys and I didnt realize they were almost dead so it made the device run really slow. After switching the batteries to new ones there was no problems at all with the speed of the motor. I have used every changeable head and enjoyed all of them but I absolutely LOVE the Rolling Massager.

These systems can get really pricey so the price listed on Amazon is INCREDIBLE and the quality is great at that price as well. I have ordered a few other items from Adella n the past and have had great results with those items as well. I will continue shopping with this brand and would highly recommend. Want more information or care to purchase your own? Go HERE.

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