Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rami Naturals® Anti Snoring Nose Clips

** Received for review and inspection purposes **

I received this product with in 2 days of ordering. It arrived via UPS with other items I plan on reviewing as well. My husband snores so loud it keeps everyone in my house up!  We have tried a ton of different things to stop his snoring. Some worked others not so much!  This was really simple to use. 

You basically just pinch it open and then clip to your nostrils. He said it was actually quite comfortable and couldn't even tell it was on. He has only used this one night so far but there was a huge decrease in his snoring in just the one night.

 This also comes with its own case so you place the clip in it when you are not wearing it.I am giving this product a 5 stars based on the quality, price, shipping and delivery, and effectiveness. If you would like more information or care to purchase one just head on over to Amazon by clicking HERE.

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