Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee

** Received in  exchange for my review and inspection of the product**

I ordered this product and with in a couple hours had a shipping confirmation sent to my email. 2 days later my coffee arrived via UPS. The Coffee came in a 2.5 oz plastic sealed pouch with filled with the whole beans. I was pretty skeptical about trying this for a few reasons. 1 being how it is grown and 2 being why on earth would it be so expensive! 

I am a HUGE coffee drinker. I purchase it at coffee shops daily and I brew at home. I definitely know how I want my coffee to taste. After grounding this coffee up I brewed it in my Stovetop French Press which to me brings out the cheapest coffees best flavors. I am telling you I was FLOORED after taking the first sip! It was so smooth and delicious! After that sip I definitely knew why it was the price it was.the way it was! 

The coffee was also so aromatic that it woke my husband up out of bed and then I had to share with him as well. He is not a huge coffee drinker because he doesn't like the taste and may only drink coffee once a month or so. His impression of the coffee was that it the smoothest coffee he has ever drank.

My opinion of this product is it is worthy of the 5 stars I am giving it because of the taste and quality of the product adding customer service and fast shipping and delivery. I would have no issues doing business with Kopi Luewak Direct in the future and will be recommending to my friends and family,

If you would like more information or care to purchase your own? Go HERE.


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